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birthplace of Solidarity, whose founding gave rise to the fall of the communist regime in Central and Eastern Europe

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Gdańsk is a thousand-year–old city with one thousand years of history. It is where Solidarność was born, the trade union that initiated the downfall of the Communist regime in Central and Eastern Europe. Gdańsk is a beautiful, old Hanseatic city that attracts many tourists with its unique atmosphere and dramatic history. We can find here fortifications with mighty bastions – absolutely unique buildings in Europe. We can also visit the cradle of Polish navigators – the Dar Pomorza ship moored in a roadstead in Gdynia. Lovers of mysteries come here to find an answer to the question “Did the legendary Amber Room really exist?”
Gdańsk is a city where signs of modern and remote history can be found virtually everywhere.

  Key attractions
The Old City, Malbork Castle, Dar Pomorza ship, Artus Court

  Best hotels
Sofitel GRAND Hotel, Hilton Hotel, MERA Spa Hotel

  Best venues
Targ Rybny Fish Market Restaurant, Velevetka Restaurant, Filharmonia Restaurant, Brovarnia Restaurant, Tawerna Dominikańska Restaurant, Restaurant & Lounge White Marlin


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