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United Target DMC / Poland

Poland is situated in the heart of Europe, at the crossing of the routes linking Western and Eastern Europe. We are proud to offer: golden beaches by the Baltic Sea in the North and the high Tatra Mountains in the South, the Great Masurian Lakes and the picturesque mountain river valleys. History enthusiasts can enjoy the slavic spirit of Wawel Castle in Cracow and the Royal Castle in Warsaw, the different cultures infiltrating the Gothic castles of the North with the representative Malbork Castle, and the magnificence of the Baroque architecture at the Polish – Czech border while visiting the mysterious Ksiaz Castle. The fascinating history of the activity of the Polish underground during World War II, in the neighbourhood of the Silver Mountain in Silesia, the Medieval salt routes of the Wieliczka Mine or the underground corridors of the oldest European Market Square in Cracow – it's all there waiting to be explored!


modern European Capital

the royal city

a city with over a thousand year history

the european capitol of culture

Mazurian lakes
green Lungs of Poland

Mountain experience
meet fauna and flora polish mountains

green journey across Poland

enjoy Polish culture

UNESCO sites
places worth to see


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