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Mazurian lakes

      Mazurian lakes      
territory, which is known for its unpolluted and pure landscape

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The Great Lake District was one of the finalists of the Seven Wonders of Nature competition. Over 15% of its surface area is covered by water, and the next 30% is occupied by forests. It is a real paradise for those who love sun and wind! The Great Mazurian Lakes are the most popular inland sailing area in Poland. Hundreds of charter companies offer boats catering for the tastes of even the most demanding customers. In the Mazury region, we may also find many German bunkers from World War II. The most famous of them is Wilczy Szaniec (Wolf’s Lair) in Gierłoża – the main quarters of the leader of the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler. Wild nature lovers should definitely visit the Wild Animal Park in Kadzidłowo, while those fascinated with history should see the Galind tribe. The Mazury region is a proposition not only for sailors, but also for those who like walking or biking tours, or simply for those who love nature.

  Key attractions
Regatta, Wilczy Szaniec, Boyen Fortress, the Wild Animal Park in Kadzidłowo, Augustów and the Elbląg Canal

  Best hotels
St. Bruno Hotel, Galindia Hotel, Ryn Castle

  Best venues
Galindia Restaurant, Ognisty Ptak Restaurant, Gospoda pod Czarnym Łabędziem Restaurant, Lady Mary Restaurant, Gościńca Ryński Młyn Restaurant, Eko Marina Giżycko Restaurant


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