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United Target DMC / Services

We combine over ten years of experience in customer service and management with our passion for travel


We may meet in every place and with every group. We are especially careful in selecting unique places for our clients, with the atmosphere and style most suited to their requirements. We help our clients choose the best hotels and prepare the menu; we recommend the best DJs, provide logistic support, etc. We strive to combine our long experience with the specific needs and expectations of our clients. We listen to them carefully during the whole program preparation process, from the beginning until the final effect. We always contribute something special constituting an added value for all the trips organised by us.

Our realisations always exceed the expectations of our clients. Each travel direction chosen by us is prepared on the basis of our knowledge and resources of the whole team. We employ our common know-how in preparing the projects in order to change them into unique and exceptional experiences for our clients. We are ready to show our clients castles and luxurious palaces, traditions and modernity, cosmopolitan cities and peaceful Polish villages. We always find ideal places for our clients whether they invite 10 or 1500 guests for their events.

Conferences & events
Our goal is to select the ideal proposition, whether its purpose is to increase sales; motivate, inspire or reward the employees; build the team or promote the brand. We will show you the most prestigious and exclusive places in Poland, where you may advertise your products, organise meetings, conferences, formal galas or banquets.

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